2 Story House requires structural drying with heat.

Kay and Colin from KCJ Enterprises were called out to a busted pipe from the toilet upstairs wool carpet, rubber underlay, yellow tongue floor, with a layer of ply. Restorer took all the down lights out downstairs with a Drymatic II and 2x Drymatic Boost Box and 2 Drymatic air movers, sandwich drying with heat upstairs with a Drymatic II  3 x Drymatic Boost Box with 3 x Drymatic air movers and 13 x Drymatic Floor Mats.  The system is to heat the structure up and lower the humidity by exhausting the wet air.

Downstairs temperature got to 39 degrees upstairs with a Rh drop from 79 to 34 over night and upstairs got to 49 Have set up 2x hygronet systems to monitor offsite online from the comfort of her office.