Win the job or photo of the month prize!

Every month Drymatic Heat Drying Australia will be offering prizes for the best restoration drying job. We recognise that each drying job and technician is unique and judging a competition like this is based on a number of factors. The winner will be featured on our website which means one month we may have an experienced restoration company drying a whole house full of timber floors, and next month we might have the sole trader who is drying his first square metre of wet carpet.

Any restoration equipment and setup can be used. This competition is non-biased.

These case studies will help us share knowledge and inspire each other in the restoration industry.

We have two prizes available every month, a $50 voucher and a $150 voucher.

Drymatic Technicians - Let us buy you your next carton of beer

Photo of the month - $50 Competition

To enter the competition for the $50 voucher simply post the photo of your recent water damage restoration jobs on the Drymatic Owners Club Facebook Page.

It's that simple.

Job of the month - $150 Competition

A $150.00 voucher towards your next Drymatic equipment purchase.

How to play


  • Tell us about your restoration job, explaining the problem you faced, what equipment setup you used, any hurdles you faced, and what the end result was. You can write/type it out or simply use your phone to record your video or voice talking about it.

  • Attach at least 4 photos of your setup.

  • Winner will be announced on the last day of the month.

  • Make sure you've filled out the rest of the form below.

Judging Criteria

We only have three simple criteria:

  1. Have you written a good story?

  2. Is your approach and setup innovative

  3. Your difficulty level based on your experience, qualifications, and the problem