Job of the month - November 2017

Josh Graham - Advanced leaning And Restoration


A fire sprinkler went off and flooded some area in a nursing home. A containment was set up along with structural drying equipment. 

One of the key pieces of equipment set up was the Drymatic II with the injection setup to pump heat into the walls where it can also suck the moist air out of the cavity. 

This intelligent machine, the Drymatic II is now capable of ducting the heat where it is needed. The Drymatic Boost Boxes and Drymatic Mats both for walls and floors helped adding temperature to the surface of the walls giving the walls a greater evaporation potential. 

Multiple systems were used in this job as the Drymatic Equipment is often blended and works in with other equipment.

Drymatic Job of the month, Australia

Great job, Josh! Congratulations from the Restore Solution Team!