Drying a kitchen cabinet with the Drymatic II

Malcolm Barnes - Magic Restoration Services

Job of the month June 2018

Malcolm Barnes from Magic Restoration Services successfully dried kitchen cabinetry and an adjacent wall after a flexi hose burst.  The results were excellent. Malcolm completed the job after two days of drying. By using the Drymatic II  and quite a bit more energy, he significantly increased the evaporation potential. This sped up the drying to a third of the time compared to conventional methods.

The Drymatic II pushes 1.8 kW of heat into the cabinets underneath the kitchen. It takes air from any another source, inside or outside, a non-affected area or the same drying chamber. It pulls the dry air in through the 7-port exhaust kit with 38mm and pumps it heated up into the base of the kitchen.

This heats up the wet air which then gets pulled from underneath the kitchen through the Drymatic II and exhausted it out through the window.

After about 2 hours in exhaust mode, the Drymatic II automatically goes into recirculation mode for another 8 hours and continuously warms the air underneath the kitchen to then pull the wet air back through the machine via a 90 degree turn. When the moisture levels have risen enough, it purges the wet air out and goes into exhaust mode to push the wet air out of the building.

The Drymatic II has got the advantage of being able to operate very quietly, which causes minimal discomfort for the occupier. This is a very elegant and effective way of drying compared to previously, when air movers, plastic sheets and dehumidification were used.  

Well done to Malcolm Barnes for this setup and to successfully saving the kitchen.

Congratulations from the Restore Solutions team, Malcolm!

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