November Newsletter 2016

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Drymatic Air Mover

The Drymatic Air Movers are developed in Europe to a very high quality having a strong heavy duty shock resistant Roto moulded case.

Specifications DRY400

  • Power Consumption: 360W
  • Absorbed Current: 1.9A
  • Air Flow (max): 1950 cm/h
  • Fan Speed (max): 980RPM
  • Weight: 10.5kg
  • Quiet great for occupied spaces
  • Great for small Drymatic Mat inflation.

$350 each or $330 each for 5 or more.

ProHance cleaning chemicals range
ProHance cleaning chemicals range

Just Been Developed for carpet and upholstery cleaning our Pro Emulsifier 7 very concentrated emulsifier with a Ph of 7

Also Our Acid Rinse Pro Rinse very concentrated with a Ph of 2-2.5

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2016-10-19 12.56.28
2016-10-19 12.56.21
2016-10-19 12.56.21

Hydroxyl Units
Hydroxyl Units

Adding Hydroxyl technology to your equipment is an asset to your business and also is a great return on investment. Beware though some Hydroxyl machines try to create Hydroxyls with titanium dioxide, this will not produce free Hydroxyls outside the machine. Our OHAir Myspace Hydroxyl machines are the only machines that has the technology to create Hydroxyls outside the machine which is great for Mould, Fire damage, Water damage, Odours and indoor Air quality. The OHAir Myspace unit is compact, whisper quiet and light weight. These machines work best in areas up to 150 cubic meters. Fantastic value at only $1195.00

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