Newsletter December 2017

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Thank you for your business & support in 2017.

We are excited about the New Year & we are looking forward to us all having a Prosperous 2018!

 Garry & Lorelle
from Restore Solutions

Drymatic awards

Large Business Biggest Improvement and Transformation in 2017

Owen & Christine Boak

Elements cleaning and restoration


Small Business Biggest Improvement and Transformation in 2017

Daniel Jungfliesh

Ultraketo Restorations


Having A Go In The Industry for 2017 - Constantly Stepping Out Of Their Comfort Zone Wanting To Learn More & Develop In The Industry

Clinton Lewis

Revive Cleaning and Restorations


Great Advocate Of The Product for 2017 And Becoming A Pioneer For Heat Drying

Scott Mcfadzen

Mackay Cleaning and Restoration

Josh Graham

Advanced Cleaning and Restorations


Encouragement Award For 2017

Petr & Odessa Skvaril

Disaster Master


Drymatic Model Award For 2017

Graham Tulloch

Superior Cleaning and Restoration

Drymatic model-of-the-year-2017, Drymatic Heat Drying, Australia

Job of the month


Kay Heid & Colin Church - KCJ Restorations

Hardwood timber floor was laid on a concrete slab with a solid kitchen built on top of the timber floor. The problem was caused by a flexible pipe under the sink.

The 19mm spotted gum timber on the concrete floor was wet in the kitchen, entrance and dining area. The hardwood frame was wet up to a percentage of 38% WME.

Under the kitchen cupboards were wet as well as the carpet, underlay and slab in the living area. The customer was living in the property so a containment couldn’t be used to make the area smaller so the Drymatic Boost Boxes with the Drymatic mats targeted the heat onto the timber floor and wall frames.

A Drymatic Boost Bar with a 12 port injection kit was also used to inject the heat under the kitchen cupboards.The building was opened a few times a day as the exhaust to dry the building.

 Another successful drying job from the use of the Drymatic Equipment.

November 2017

Josh Graham - Advanced Cleaning and Restoration

A fire sprinkler went off and flooded some area of a nursing home. A containment was set up along with structural drying equipment.

One of the key pieces of equipment set up was the Drymatic II with the injection setup to pump heat into the walls where it can also suck the moist air out of the cavity.

This intelligent machine, the Drymatic II is now capable of ducting the heat where it is needed. The Drymatic Boost Boxes and Drymatic Mats both for walls and floors helped to add temperature to the surface of the walls giving the walls a greater evaporation potential.

Multiple systems were used in this job as the Drymatic Equipment is often blended and works in with other equipment.


Petr & Odessa Skvaril - Disaster Masters 

This structural drying job in Tasmania was caused by a busted pipe in the ceiling wetting all the walls, flooring and ceilings.

A great job for the Drymatic equipment: 4x  Boost Bars and a Drymatic II were installed.

The Drymatic II was installed to pull the dry air from outside into the machine and to exhaust the wet air out the bathroom window. The Drymatic II Y piece kit was installed to split the room intake and to lower the relative humidity in multiple areas.

The Drymatic Boost Bar with its revolutionary PTC heater putting out more energy the larger the airflow was helping to heat the surfaces. This resulted in greater evaporation potential.

This was both Petr and Odessa’s first Drymatic job. So they video phoned Garry Carroll the owner of Drymatic Heat Drying Australia to help them through every step of the job.

This particular job has resulted in more work from the insurance loss adjuster as this job really blew him away.

Photo of the month


Clinton Lewis - Revive Cleaning and Restorations

Using the Drymatic II and the Drymatic Boost Bar and the 4 port system to direct heat where it is needed.



Great reporting format and use of the Infrared photos


Alan Hurrawai - Restoration Projects

Hanging the Floor and wall mats is a great idea

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