Luke McArdle - SRS Specialised Restoration Services

Job of the month January 2018


The Drymatic job of the month for January 2018 goes to Luke McArdle who dried a class 4 Bowling Alley.

Luke kept the alley running while doing the work as the client wanted to keep operating. To start with he only blocked one lane off. The initial set up was using the Drymatic boost and with the added 4 port system

Disco Drymatic! 

Only about a week later he was able to re-open all of the bowling lanes by leading the tubes through the ceiling. 

In the end 4 Drymatic II were in operation for this job. The thermal image photos show how the heat is being pulled towards the end of the lanes.

The surface temperature under the floor was 40 degrees and the air temperature was 37 degrees and 36% relative humidity fully controlled for 1 month.

The client was very happy with the job - Low business interruption and low labour with a nice profit.

Great job, Luke! Congratulations from the Restore Solution Team!