Drymatic Boost Bar includes Fan to Boost Bar Connector

Drymatic Boost Bar includes Fan to Boost Bar Connector

  • Designed for Fast & Efficient Target Drying

  • PTC Heating Technology

  • Auto adjusts Heater power to suit Environment

  • Logs Temperature Changes & Power Usage

  • Flexible System with a Range of Attachments

  • Weighs only 7.6 kg, Roto-moulded, Stackable



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Our Drymatic Boost Bar come with:

Here are videos explaining what the Drymatic Boost Bar does:


Instructional videos

Drymatic Boost Bar Instructional Video - Part 1

  • How to use and Set up.

  • How to use the 12 Port Injection and Kitchen Kit

  • How to use the 4 Port System How to use the L Shape (under floor system)

Drymatic Boost Bar Instructional Video - Part 2

  • How to use the Screen.


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The Drymatic Boost Bar

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Drymatic Boost Bar! The Boost Bar is the next generation of the Boost Box; further expanding our ability to deliver targeted heat to wet structure. Drymatic Boost Bar is stackable. The machines roto-moulded chassis allows for stacking in two orientations to give more stability to your equipment whilst in transit.

Latest technology with the user friendly touch screen Interface. The home screen shows you;

  • Feedback on Air In/Air Off Temperatures

  • Heater Power Readout and Number of Heater Banks Running

  • Machine Status

  • Airflow Detection

  • Hours Run and KWH Meters User Controls

  • Maximum Temperature Limit

  • Current Limiter (for situations where reduced power is available on site)

  • Machine Life Data and Factory Diagnostics Graphical Display

  • Average Temperature Differential by Day

  • Power Consumption by Day

The Boost Bar also has a pin lock facility, this prevents machine settings being adjusted by homeowners and or others.

The Drymatic Boost Bar can be used with an Air Mover, Drymatic Mat systems, Drymatic 4-Port 100mm Adaptor, Drymatic 12-Port 38mm Adaptor and Drymatic 90deg Adaptor. The Drymatic Range of Adaptors allow you to channel your heated airflow into kitchen cabinetry, cavity walls, subfloors, ceiling voids and much more.

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