Boost Box

Boost Box


Developed to support the Drymatic Heat Dryer in colder climates the Boost Box adds an additional 1.8kW of thermal energy to the environment being dried.

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The DBK Drymatic Boost Box can be coupled to an Air Mover, the Drymatic Wall and Floor System or used in conjunction with the Drymatic Heat Dryer to offer a range of drying capabilities. Using the built-in intelligence of the Drymatic Heat Dryer, the Drymatic Boost Box allows the user to monitor the environment being dried via the wired sensor system.

The continual evaluation of the environment allows the Boost Box to adapt to the varying conditions and increase or decrease its power consumption accordingly. The user has the ability to set a ‘dry’ reference sample, and the Boost Box will monitor the material being dried until you have reached your drying goal. The Drymatic Boost will also directly control the power supply to a standard air mover. Once the drying goal is reached, Drymatic Boost Box will power down both itself and the air mover making for a more economic drying system. The Drymatic Boost Box can also be used in conjunction with the Drymatic Heat Dryer in extreme climate conditions. This controlled increase in ambient air within the room promotes a drastic increase in the amount of evaporation – reducing drying times and costs.

The Drymatic Boost Box has been designed to work alongside existing damage management equipment offering the drying technician a tool that will increase the drying performance of the other equipment already available.