Structural drying with Drymatic

Tony, Alex & Jodie Taylor - Custom Dry

Job of the month February 2018

The original job was wet carpet in a downstairs area with 5 rooms affected.

Job of the month, Drymatic Australia Structural Heat drying.jpg

The previous carpet cleaner/restorer extracted the water from the carpet, but used high amperage fans and dehumidifiers. The problem with high amperage fans is trying to control the temperature.

When the job was inspected by Tony and Alex from Custom Dry, it was too hot inside the drying chamber for the dehumidifiers to process the air. So the dehumidifiers were pumping out wet air.

Tony and Alex then took over the job with a Drymatic II and 4 Boost Bars with various mats

With Tony’s Tramex moisture meter kit and nail gun with stainless nails he was able to routine check the structure for the moisture content. The Drymatic II controlled the job while the Boost Bars and Drymatic mats targeted the problem areas.


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