Drying Yellow Tongue Sub-floor using Drymatic

Malcolm Barnes

Video of the month July 2018

The video of the month for July 2018 goes to Malcolm Barnes from Magic Cleaning and Restoration Services for drying a yellow tongue sub-floor and under kitchen cabinets.

He removed water-damaged floating timber floor and stripped the kitchen to block the wall post mould remediation.

Evaporation Potential of 7 on the yellow tongue

Putting energy into the floor helps energising the water molecules which then diffuse through the materials into the air.

Then they were exhausted out of the building using Drymatic II and 2 Boost Bars, Drymatic Mats and the Drymatic Boost Injection System. The floor was dry after 3 days. Malcolm utilised a dehumidifier with the Drymatic equipment in a containment for the masonry block wall.

The Drymatic II  is such a versatile unit and becoming more popular every day over 20 units sold in the last 6 weeks.
— Garry Carroll

The air flow into the kitchen was excellent thanks to the Drymatic equipment. A step down exhaust was used to exhaust the wet air out of a smaller window. He ran injection hoses through the Drymatic mats and heated the air up to 38 degree Celsius going into the cabinetry.


Congratulations from the Restore Solutions team, Malcolm!

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