Two winners showcase the power of Drymatic Drying Mats

Mehmet Ucar – Quantum Restoration & Marie Aciddao – Chem Safe Services

Photo of the month February 2019

February’s photo of the month winners are Mehmet Ucar from Quantum Restoration Services and Marie Aciddao from Chem Safe Services .

Firstly Mehmet has found a great use for the Drymatic Drying mats spreading the airflow across a large wet brick wall.

We have now termed this setup a “Double Banger”.  The advantage of using the mat is the hot air is directed straight into the surface rather than over the surface.  Mehmet has used 2 air movers connected to 2 Drymatic Boost Bars to create the warm air for the mats to distribute.  He also added in a dehumidifier to keep the room stats under control.

Feb 2019 Photo of the month, Drymatic Australia Marie Aciddao.jpg

Our other winner, Marie Aciddao, encountered a wet timber floor in a residential house.  This is her first setup of targeted drying utilising the Drymatic Boost Bar and drying mats with an air mover.  She has spread out a number of mats to cover the affected area and like the above job has been able to direct warm dry air straight onto the surface to speed up the drying process.  Another happy customer.

The Drymatic drying mats to the rescue again, thanks and great work to both Mehmet and Marie and thanks for sharing the photos.

Congratulations from the Restore Solutions team, Mehmet and Marie!