Cover the wood in Drymatic mats!!

Alexx Taylor – Custom Dry Cleaning & Restoration Services

Photo of the month June 2019

Photo of the month winner for June is Alexx Taylor from Custom Dry Cleaning & Restoration Services in Newcastle.

Confronted with wet sub-flooring and a need for it to be dried pronto Alexx knew he needed Drymatic mats, step 1 grab a couple of the trusty Drymatic Boost Bars, a couple of air movers and some appropriately sized Drymatic floor mats.

Step 2 stop the heat loss by closing up the area and adding a Drymatic II to heat the space.

Step 3 vent the wet air outside, then sit back and monitor.

As usual the drying is achieved with a top down drying method pushing the hot dry air created by the Drymatic Boost bars through the mats directly onto the surface by the air movers.

Alexx was always bound for short drying time with this setup just by ensuring the environment is contained and the heat is adequate. 

Thanks to Josh for sharing the photos.

June 2019 Photo of the month, Drymatic Australia.jpg