Double Drymatic Heat created by Magic!

Malcolm Barnes – Magic Carpet Cleaning

Job of the month June 2019

June job of the month winner is Malcolm Barnes from Magic Carpet Cleaning in Townsville.

After yet another devastating flood in Townsville earlier this year the restoration teams are still working hard to return residences to their former glory.  In this instance Magic Carpet Cleaning Team are finishing off the drying process to a building which has been stripped by builders but requires the sub floor under the framing base plates to be dried before commencing the refit.

Utilising two Drymatic II units to heat the environment which are exhausting the wet air collected to the external environment.  Also assisting is Drymatic Boost Bar with a 4 port adaptor and with some smart thinking they have used two pipes from the 4 port to provide preheated air to the Drymatic II , by providing hot air to the Drymatic II it can then further heat the air and provide maximum effect.

Obviously the bottom floor is also sealed from external air to ensure the hot dry air is not escaping which would reduce the efficiency of the Drymatic units and also increase the time required to dry.

Air flow has been kept at a minimum to reduce over circulating any air borne mould but air scrubber has been added to filtering the air remove these contaminants from the air.

Awesome job Mal and the Magic Carpet Cleaning Team.

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