Disaster Solutions Australia & Drymatic make a great team!

Parris Stamos – Disaster Solutions Australia

Job of the month May 2019

Our job of the month winner for May is Parris Stamos from Disaster Solutions Australia in Melbourne.

 Disaster Solutions Australia makes great use of the Drymatic heat drying range to restore the floor coverings in this residential water damaged site.  After extracting all the standing water and removing the floor coverings they got to work setting up the equipment with the Drymatic II extracting the wet air and providing fresh hot dry air into the room.

Next using some air movers and Drymatic Boost Bars connected to a number of large Drymatic floor mats they were able to cover almost the entire affected area.  With the room temperature and humidity under the control of the Drymatic II this allows the air movers and Drymatic Boost Bars to further heat the already warm and dry air and directly push it onto the affected surface.

 With the conditions getting colder here in Australia especially down in Melbourne we would normally see days added to the drying times but when you add heat using Drymatic you level the playing field and keep your restorations on track.

 Awesome job Parris and the Disaster Solutions Australia Team.

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