The Drymatic system, so easy!!

JOSH MOIR – Total Cleaning & Restoration Services

Photo of the month May 2019

Our May photo of the month winner is Josh Moir from Total Cleaning & Restoration Services from Port Macquarie. 

Josh used the Drymatic Boost Bar and mat system on this small water damaged area at a residential job. 

You can see how the various shapes and sizes available make the Drymatic Floor mat system so versatile.  Using mat joiners allows one air mover and Drymatic Boost Bar to cover this area effectively and speed up the drying process. 

The drying is achieved with a top down drying method pushing the hot dry air created by the Drymatic Boost Bar through the mat directly onto the surface.

May 2019 Josh Moir, Photo of the month, Drymatic Australia -.jpg

So easy to setup and let the equipment do the hard work, life’s easy with the Drymatic Boost bar and Drymatic mats system.  Thanks to Josh for sharing the photo.

Congratulations from the Restore Solutions team, Josh!