Malcolm Barnes – Magic Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Services

Job of the month April 2019

Our job of the month winner for April is Malcolm Barnes from Magic Carpet Cleaning in Townsville

The team from Magic Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Services were called to a residential house where the roof flashing and window leaked.  They stripped out mould affected gyprock and remediated the masonry block wall to get the job ready for drying.  They then installed a selection of Drymatic and supporting equipment to return the house to its former dry state.

Central to this setup and controlling the overall environment is the Drymatic II which has been setup to pull dry air from within the containment area which is already warm rather than the colder/wet external air and then after adding additional heat push this dry air back into the environment.  The internal intake has a Y piece connected to pull the hot wet air from around the Boost Bars and exhaust this through a window to outside the house.  By using the Drymatic II to raise the temperature raises the evaporation potential.

Multiple air movers attached to Drymatic Boost Bars push additional hot air through Drymatic Wall Mats on to specific areas of the affected walls.  Drymatic Wall Mats have built in eyelets that makes it easy and quick to hang them up.

Team this with a couple of air scrubbers, with HEPA filters of course, to ensure the air being circulated is clean and not contaminated from the previous damage.

 Great work Malcolm and team at Magic Carpet Cleaning Restoration Services.

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