The Drymatic Boost Bar turns up the heat

Jeremy Barrett – Mess Boss

Photo of the month April 2019

Our April photo of the month winner is Jeremy Barrett from Mess Boss in Tasmania.

Apr 2019 Jeremy Barrett, Photo of the month, Drymatic Australia.jpg

Jeremy was called to this job in the House of Assembly for Tasmanian Government where the flooring is covered in Axminster carpet.  As many would know when dealing with Axminster carpet you have to be careful due to the unique weave using multiple materials which expand and contract different under wet conditions.

What does this mean? 

Well for a start you can’t lift the carpet, as you will most likely never stretch it back into place, so you have to dry in position and use a top down drying method.  This is where the Drymatic Boost Bar with an appropriately sized Drymatic Floor mat is so effective, just dial the temperature up to around 50 degrees, control your relative humidity and let the air pushed through the mat directly onto the surface do the work.

Once again the Drymatic Boost Bar and Drymatic Floor mats have saved the day, thanks to Jeremy for sharing the photo.

Congratulations from the Restore Solutions team, Jeremy!