Using containment to increase Drymatic efficiency

Peter Skvaril – Disaster Master

Job of the month March 2019

Our job of the month winner for March is Peter Skvaril from Disaster Master in Tasmania

Another great setup using a Drymatic D2 and a dehumidifier. Peter was called to this job after another restorer had already attempted drying this house but left the timber joists very wet with readings showing levels up to 60%. 

Being a large open space first thing to do was contain the affected area to ensure the hot dry air couldn’t escape.  Peter then installed a Drymatic D2, dehumidifier and a couple of Drymatic Boost Bars to start the drying process.  Running the dehumidifier housed in a tent to supply dry air to the D2, which was placed within the containment area, commences the process of adding hot dry air whilst adding the two boost bars further assist this and further accelerates the drying process.

This house and situation reminds of one of the key rules when drying water affected materials, “Containment”. What’s the point of drying to increase the temperature of the entire space?  IF you attempted this you would either be ineffective or you would need so much equipment no client is going to accept the bill you will present at the end of the job.  Remember, work smart by creating an environment that gives your equipment the best chance to do its job.

Well done Peter and the team at Disaster Master.

PS. We will let you get in touch with Peter direct if you want to take him up on his sensational tent offer!

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