The hard working Drymatic Boost Bar

Deon Sinclair – Big Red Cleaning & Restoration

Photo of the month March 2019

Our March photo of the month winner is Deon Sinclair from Big Red Cleaning & Restoration in Illawarra.

Deon or should we say Deon’s Drymatic Boost Bars provided us with 4 photos in four different jobs this month showing just how essential this piece of equipment is.

Early in the month Deon and his team had a couple of kitchens with water damage where they utilised the Drymatic Boost Bar in conjunction with the 12 port adaptor and kitchen kit to direct hot air under the kitchen cabinets via holes in the kick panels.

Then later in the month once again the Drymatic Boost Bar is a key player, firstly assisting the almighty Drymatic D2 drying a floor and wall space in the a laundry.  You can see how effective it is at raising the temperature with a 10 degree increase which assists in speeding up the drying process.

And last but not least the Boost Bar is heating up air from air mover, connected via the boost to fan connector and drying a concrete floor through a couple of Drymatic Floor mats which are also join with a mat connector.  This impingement drying system works by blowing air directly onto the floor through micro jets instead of across the surface similar to how they dry paper. This coupled with the heat supplied by the boost bar accelerates the drying process.

What a great showcase for the Drymatic Boost bar in a variety of situations, thanks to Deon for sharing the photos.

Congratulations from the Restore Solutions team, Deon!