Air Movers v's Axial Fans


Air Movers v's Axial Fans Static Pressure v's CFM v's Velocity

Centrifugal air movers (snail fans) are designed to go under carpet and can be high in static pressure, however after 3 to 4 lineal meters along the wall the air flow tends to reduce significantly therefore making these fans not ideal for structural drying as the air movement is pushed up away from the wall. An Axial fan or a Velocity fan will push the air lower along the walls & skirting the air tends to travel a lot further.

Air Movers are used with many different attachments put positive pressure into the Drymatic wall & floor mats & cavities. Axial fans are designed to out larger volumes of air flow keeping the air flow a lot lower then an air mover.

The high pressure Drymatic Air Mover is great for attachments, great high static pressure for inflating many Drymatic wall & floor mats.

The Drieaz Velo has great velocity with low static pressure.

The Phoenix Focus fan has great air flow & keeps the air flow low which is why it makes it ideal structural drying.

drymatic-airmovers-02VeloPhoenix Focus Fan