Timber Floor Drying January Job of the Month

David Dobinson from Fusion Floors competition winner for January Leaking from the windows in a property into a crows ash hardwood and the floor was wet about 90 square meters. David inspected with his Tramex moisture meter and found readings up to 19% WME.

A containment was set up with Zipwall poles and plastic to make the area smaller also the heavily cupped areas were targeted with Drymatic Boost Boxes and the Drymatic Floor Mats with the Drymatic II controlling the job within 4 days the job dried down to 11 and 12 %WME then the floor was left to be relaxed and re acclimatized for 3 weeks. Then the floor was cut back with a rotary sander preparing the quality existing coating  refilling a few select areas and re coated with the same existing polyurethane finish the customer was very happy with the results.

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