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Structural Drying Including Subfloor

The Drymatic II we found works great in those tight spots especially drying subfloors!

Completing the requested make safe at this property, Drymatic Boost Boxes & Drymatic Mats were installed for 1 week. While the drying process was underway the Restorers scoped & won the whole drying job! Week 2 a Drymatic II was installed on the ground level of this property along with additional Boost Boxes & Drymatic Mats.

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The Water Damage Network drying a kitchen with our structural drying equipment.

Technicians Chris Honeymoon and Rebecca Ferris headed up a water damage restoration job for the Water Damage Network in Brisbane.

Their technicians are all highly-trained in flood restoration services by the Australian Cleaning and Restoration Academy. The team are highly experienced in structural drying and water damage restoration equipment.

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Written Off Timber Floor 100% Saved with Drymatic

Daniel Jungfleisch‎ from ULTRAKETO floor cleaning solutions was contacted by the insurance company to attend a flooded Property. Water burst from a broken hose that is connected to the washing machine to the wall at the middle of the night. The client who’s still sleeping at that moment was unaware of the water leakage from the laundry room into the Tasmanian Oak floor to the hallway. The water spreads to the lounge room through carpeted family rooms and then into a smaller hallway through three bedrooms and the master bedroom with the walk in wardrobe. It was until the morning that the client knew what happened and so decided to get some help. Initially, Daniel extracted the water by placing drying equipment on the affected areas. Using three dehumidifiers and three air movers he let three bedrooms, one family room, and the master bedroom with the walk in wardrobe dries for three days.

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Structural Drying & Mould Remediation Job in Adelaide

Josh Graham from Advanced Cleaning & Restoration, SA was called to attend a flooded property in Adelaide. Josh initially arrived at the property one month after the initial water event in which the home had water running for at least six days due to a burst pipe. At the property, the kitchen cupboards and benchtop was removed due to mould contamination. However, Josh had to dry the framework.

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Structural drying & mould remediation in Perth Yangebup - April Job of the Month.

Jonathan Kops from Spruce Up Your Home attended a flooding event where a dislodged roof tile and down into a brick cavity of a stairwell. This water then travelled along a steel girder at the base of the second story and entered into the internal structure damaging an MDF board connecting the internal first story structure to the second story structure. Water also travelled into the cavity of a second story neighbouring bedroom and leaked under the wall onto the carpet and MDF skirting board mouldings all of which required structural drying and mould remediation.

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Drying in a Crawl Space Using Heat and Exhaust.

Drying out a crawl space under a house the soil, stone walls, beams and subfloor. Josh from Advanced Restorations in Adelaide likes to take on the difficult drying jobs. Josh set up 3 Drymatic heat drying machines 2 x Drymatic II's  and 1 x Drymatic  1. The Temperature in the drying chamber was 38 degrees and 30 relative humidity changing the air 120 times an hours dried the area in 12 days.

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Hardwood Floor Getting Aggressive with Heat Drying

McArdle's Restoration received a job that was a water ingress from the ice dispenser on the fridge in the kitchen the timber floor is a 19mm Cyprus pine on 19mm ply on concrete subfloor. They created a drying chamber in the kitchen that was able to heat the area up to 44 degrees Celsius and 15% relative humidity, with a timber floor temperature of 61.8 degrees Celsius.

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