December 2015 Newsletter

Happy Holidays to all from Lorelle and Garry, the team from Drymatic Heat Drying Australia. We hope you have a relaxing holiday break and lovely Christmas with your families and come back ready for a busy summer. Safe travels on your break.

Talking about a break we will be enjoying our own holiday between the 30th of December and the 11th of January. Our headquarters is still staffed and operating during this time. We are available over the phone and email and orders will be shipped as usual.

Drymatic Awards 2015

drymatic-vouchersThe winners of the Drymatic Awards for 2015 will each receive a certificate and $100 Drymatic voucher.

Large business biggest improvement and transformation of the year

  • Westaway Restorations

Small Business biggest improvement and transformation of the year

  • Accredited Restorations - Roland and Caroline Loumeau

Having a Go in the Industry for 2015 for constantly stepping out of their comfort zone wanting to learn more and develop in the industry

  • Carpet Cleaning Kings - Mathew and Dan Brunes
  • Fix it Industries - Geoff Ingram

Great Advocate of the product for 2015 and becoming a pioneer for heat drying

  • Steamatic Geelong - David Vivian

Encouragement Award for 2015

  • PHJ Services - Brea Marshall
  • Supreme Clean Carpets + Restoration - Sam Dennis-Bates

Drymatic Male Model Award for 2015 modelling our new Drymatic II

  • Steamatic Gippsland - Elias Kavadias

What's New


ohair_personalunitHydroxyl Machines

OHAir® Hydroxyl Machines are Multiple Wavelength UV Irradiation Air Cleaners. Incorporating the scientifically validated Odorox® technology, they generate an ongoing stream of powerful Atmospheric Hydroxyl Radicals that destroy harmful ozone, bacteria, viruses and VOC’s including formaldehyde within your indoor environment. Read More.

Video Tutorials

We've created a few videos to support you in using your Drymatic products. There are video tutorials for the Drymatic I, Drymatic IIBoost Box and Drymatic Mats. View each individual page or see the Videos & Media Downloads page.

NEW Competitions!

We've updated our competitions with new simple instructions and prizes. We have a $50 competition and a $200 competition. Click here for more details.


Tip of the Month


tipmonth-dehumidification-dropsDo you know how fast and how much water your dehumidifier removes?

Always check your grains GPP on your inlet and your outlet. For example, if your temperature going in is 24 degrees and the RH is 70 that’s 92GPP, and your outlet is 35 degrees and 23 RH that’s 56GPP, that’s a grain depression of 36 that dehumidifier is really drying the air. Remember to justify your readings.

Product of the Month


productmonth-airmoversDrymatic Air Movers

Get Stocked for summer! Hi pressure and Low Pressure fans are now available. The DRY400 and DRY700 have both been developed and tested in Europe, to European standards. Find out more...

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