November 2015 Newsletter

Drymatic II is gaining traction in the industry having awesome results. Our customers are giving us great feedback on its performance in all different weather conditions in Australia drying and saving Timber floors, concrete, framing, yellow tongue floor etc. Check out our Testimonials. Since this we have sold out with a new container arriving next month full of Drymatic II’s. At Drymatic Heat Drying Australia we strive to keep the prices down so we have now secured a better buy price from DBK buying the Drymatic II's in bulk and getting a container load at a time instead of a pallet saving on the end price for yourself.

New price is $6,950.00 incl GST, or if you already own a Drymatic or you are a SCRIA member it's only $6,650.00 incl GST per unit. Making the Drymatic II even more affordable.

Check out some of the restoration setups our customers have been doing on our facebook page.

What's New

chemicalsHammersley ProHance pre-sprays We now have Pre-conditioners for carpet cleaning available. Stock up for summer-time for carpet cleaning. The range is great value, tried and tested for 18 years.

airmoversDrymatic Air Movers Our Shipment has just arrived! Storm season is here so stock up on our unique air movers today.

lorelle-awardInnovation Award Presences at Ausclean was a great success hanging out with our customers and meeting new customer. We also won the innovation award for equipment.


Drymatic Giveaway

At AUSCLEAN, we gave away our last Drymatic 1 at the show, and the winner was Brea Marshall, owner of PHJ Services, in the Gold Coast. The photo is also taken with her father Gary Burke, the previous owner of PHJ Services. Congratulations Brea!


Fact Sheets

We’ve added some additional fact sheets to help with with your moisture readings. If you didn’t see our last newsletter, check out or previous newsletter and fact sheets.


Training Courses

garry-coachingDrymatic Heat Drying Australia will not be offering any further courses during 2015. We will be back in 2016 with more workshops so follow us on facebook and keep an eye out for the next newsletter. If you'd like to book Garry Carroll for private coaching or private workshops for your business, have a look at our sister website The Australian Cleaning and Restoration Academy.

"Our staff have attended 2 of DBK's training courses this year run by Garry Carroll. 8 of our staff members attended the first course and 5 attended the second and feedback from all of our staff that attended both sessions has been very positive. Garry is able to run a very informative session whilst keeping the content interesting and practical. We have been so impressed with Garry's training sessions that we are in the midst of organising Garry to run an in-house refresher course for our Technicians. Garry's passion for the industry combined with his thirst for knowledge and his eagerness to share this with other businesses is a credit to not only himself but DBK. See you down here soon Garry." - Westaway Restorations

Tip of the Month

surface-temperatureChecking Surface Temperature

Make sure you check the surface temperature of your materials that you’re drying. For example if you are drying a wall or a floor it's important that the surface of the wall or floor is also checked.

The more energy or heat you can put into those surfaces will change the diffusion rate of the moisture in the material and dry it faster.

Product of the Month

zipwallZipWall Containment System

ZipWall systems remove the need for tape, staples, glue, furring strips, and ladders when creating a temporary dust barrier. This saves time and it eliminates costly repairs to finished surfaces.

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