Heat drying a 2 story house with Drymatic


In Port Macquarie N.S.W  a water damage property a hot water flexible hose in vanity burst flooding ensuite, 2 bedrooms, hall, walk in robe, cupboards upstairs, travelling down the walls and ceilings to downstairs, kitchen, lounge, dining, rumpus, hall, cupboards and entrance for 7 days Equipment used upstairs 1x Drymatic II, Boost Box, Drymatic Mats, air Scrubber, Air Movers , downstairs 1x Drymatic II, Boost Box, air scrubber, Air Movers , and a direct it in. Taking 7 days to dry walls, yellow tongue flooring, bearers, kitchen, ceilings and frames. Reaching up to 42 degrees and down to 12 relative humidity heating the surface of the material to 42.  By raising the surface temperature of the materials the diffusion rate is now changed releasing the moisture from the materials the Drymatic II then exhausts the wet air out of the building. Well Done Caroline and Roland from Accredited Cleaning and Restoration.