Heat Drying at Hope Island


Water Damage Network were called out to structurally dry 3 town house apartments built side. the first apartment where the busted pipe upstairs bathroom burst and wet each of the apartments. The water damage flooded the carpet, underlay, yellow tongue flooring, downstairs ceiling, wall frames and I beams set up 2x Drymatic II's and 2x Drymatic Boost Box 1 for extra heat and the other to heat the floor through the Drymatic Floor Mats. The second and 3rd apartment were wet under each stairwell so a small LGR refrigerant dehumidifier was left to dry the 2 areas. The total job was 6 days to dry leaving the structure bone dry with temperatures reaching 47 degrees and an Relative humidity of 22% the diffusion rate of the materials released the moisture because of the energy being put into the surface.