June 2016 Newsletter


With the end of the financial year so close now did you know that you can claim a single $20,000 purchase off of your tax with no depreciation! With the container on it's way from Wales please get in now to place your order!

Drymatic II's popularity is increasing quickly. With the cooler months now here the Drymatic II will work in any temperature range! With low ambient temperatures around Australia & New Zealand, our customers are reaping the benefits & technology of the Drymatic II.

Did you know that Standard & Low Grain Dehumidifiers work most efficiently between 30 & 32 degrees, below 20 degrees they are not working at all. Another reason why the Drymatic II is so popular!

As a member of the RIA & SCRIA we extend to you a special rate of just $5650.00 inc GST for you to own a Drymatic II today!

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Alan James from DBK Wales has certainly clocked up the air mileage this year traveling the globe; USA, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Switzerland & Italy. Also we have launched Drymatic to New Zealand.

The Drymatic Equipment is gaining a lot of interest not to mention being used around the world. Very exciting times to come for Drymatic! Congratulations Alan James, your hard work, no sleep & persistence is showing - we are proud to be part of your team!

Alan is coming to Melbourne 31st of May if you get a chance say Gidday at the Jena Dyco Conference!


We have 1 only left of the 4m x 1m Drymatic Wall Mat which we are offering at $800 inc GST - 1 only so don't miss out!

This mat not only is great along a wall you can also wrap it around a corner...

Garry & Lorelle would like to introduce our business Australia Cleaning & Restoration Academy

With the launch of our Cleaning & Restoration Industry Academy in October, 2015 we have been overwhelmed by the response for our unique training needs within our industry!

After many successful training events completed & very happy students & amazing testimonials. The future is very bright with positive changes to training, learning & skill development!

“We believe in teaching hands on training techniques that can be used in your everyday business; giving you on-the-job confidence and the knowledge you need to accelerate your business and earnings potential”

Our next training event is in June 2016 please visit this link for more information visit TryBooking don't miss this great opportunity! Learn More

OHAir MySpace - Power of the Sun

To date current technologies utilised to clean indoor air have their limitations. OHAir® products are unique, due to the high level of effectiveness and safety they provide to you and your family. Harnessing the power of the sun!

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Garry & I have use our OHAir MySpace units throughout our home everyday from removing cooking odours, gloss enamel paint smells, aiding our sleep through to assisting in keeping the rest of the family healthy when Janie was recently sick. Can't tell you how much great value out of this lightweight portable system!

Moisture Detection

Here is a little video we have put together recently on a method of moisture detection, we hope you enjoy this short instructional video.

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Photo's of the Month - June 2016

Sam Dennis-Bates from Supreme Clean Carpets & Restoration

Job of the Month - June 2016

Matthew & Daniel Brunes from Water Damage Network Learn More

Photo's of the Month - May 2016

Phil Dermody from High Powered Restorations

Job of the Month - May 2016

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Photo's of the Month - April 2016

Ian Phillips from Happy Pom Carpet Cleaning & Restoration

Job of the Month - April 2016

Roland Loumeau from Accredited Cleaning & Restoration Services Learn More

Photo's of the Month - March 2016

Simon Crowe, Technician from KCJ Property Restoration

Job of the Month - March 2016

Jim Bethel from Beyond Clean Group Learn More

Photo's of the Month - February 2016

Geoff Ingram from Fix It Industries

Job of the Month - February 2016

Kay Heid from KCJ Property Restoration Learn More

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