October 2015 Newsletter

Welcome to our first of many newsletters. DBK Drymatic Team with Drymatic Heat Drying AustraliaWell a lot has happened to Drymatic Heat Drying Australia in the last 3 months with the Drymatic II launch night in conjunction with the Jena Dyco conference in Melbourne.

The CEO of DBK, Norbert Reiling, joined us all the way from Germany and also the Head of Thermal Management, Dr. Ian Hopkin, was there with UK National Sales Manager Alan James. The launch was well received and published in the latest Inclean Magazine.

Storm season is just around the corner and we have moved Drymatic to another shed filling it with equipment ready for you to tackle the restoration jobs.

With our testimonials growing on our website and our Facebook likes we are gaining a trusted name in the industry with our unconditional product and on-the-job support.

Did you know we can also supply you with Tramex Moisture Meters and ZipWall containment systems. Our equipment range is growing and becoming a one-stop shop for the structural drying professional.


What's New?

Joinable Drymatic Wall Mats We have new 4x1metre and 2x1metre joinable Drymatic Wall Mats. This enables you to target heat dry up to 8 square metres of wall in harmony with a Drymatic Boost Box and Drymatic High Pressure Air Mover. Check out the mats.

Drymatic Transportation Mat There's also the new 3x1metre Drymatic Transportation Mat. This mat enables you to transport the heat from the Drymatic Boost Box as it has no micro-jet holes. Great for drying bulk heads and ceilings. You can also add additional Drymatic  Mats while adding ZipWall poles to hold the Drymatic Mats in place. View the setup.

Drymatic Extension Leads For use with the Drymatic Boost Box and Drymatic I & II Heat Drying Machines, these Drymatic Extension leads are 10metres long with a 20amp lead and the best 10amp plugs on the market. Only $59.50 incl GST. Click here for details.

Fact Sheets Fact Sheets have been added to selected products on our website, with more being added soon. The fact sheets contain valuable information on how to use your Drymatic equipment correctly.

Monthly Competition Take part in our monthly competition. We have some great prizes on offer and entry to the competition is very simple. Click here for more details.


October Training Course

Garry Carroll and Alan James1- Day Structural Drying Course Join Alan James from the UK and Garry Carroll as they share their wealth of knowledge and experience in a 1-Day Structural Drying Course happening this October. View training page for more details.


Tip of the Month

Tip of the Month for October 2015Checking Studded Walls for Moisture

  • A non-invasive meter is not checking the moisture reading of the frame.
  • Pin probes in the gyprock is not checking the moisture reading of the frame.
    1. Make 2 pin holes in the skirting down low with your pin meter.
    2. Next, using a gas nail gun with braided hot tipped nails, fire into those 2 holes.
    3. Finally, using your pin probe pushing onto those nails you will get a reading all the way into the frame of the wall.

Product of the Month

Product of the Month for October 2015Drymatic II Heat Drying Machine

The award winning DBK Drymatic II system was developed to offer the Damage Management industry a cost-effective tool that would cater for a broad range of drying requirements.

The DBK Drymatic’s unique operation is based upon its continual evaluation of the humidity and temperature of the room to be dried and then operating in the mode that provides maximum drying effect.


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