Structural Drying in Warwick Queensland


Job of the Month July Southern Downs Cleaning and Restoration

A house at Warwick in Queensland a busted pipe going to the fridge

Flooded floating in the living, kitchen, dinning, hallway, entrance and office

Flooded carpet in bedroom 3,2 and walk in robe of bedroom 1 temperatures outside between 2 and 15 degrees Celsius and on average 60% Relative humidity.

The floating floor was removed exposing the concrete.

Concrete sleaves were placed into the concrete to obtain a acceptable relative humidity in the concrete. The carpet was extracted and target dried with Drymatic mats and Boost Boxes.

The drying of the rest of the property with a Drymatic IIBoost Boxes, Drymatic Mats  and Lgr Dehumidifier (for the processed air into the Drymatic).

Checking the walls with a paslode bradder nail gun firing 50mm stainless nails trough the skirting into the pine frame taking readings from 40% WME down to 12% WME.

By the  end of the job the Temperature rose to 41 degrees Celsius and 17%relative humidity.

With difficult external conditions the house was 100% dried.