Wall Mat System (2.0m x 0.5m)

Wall Mat System (2.0m x 0.5m)

  • Tough, Light Weight & Compact
  • Target Drying System
  • Mats Connect Together
  • Microjets Break Through Boundary Layer
  • Evenly Heat & Dry Targeted Area
  • Ideal for Walls, Floors, Ceilings & Cavities

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We offer a range of size of wall mats for drying purposes:

The 2×.5 meter wall mat this free standing blow up mat will dry up to 1 meter high of the wall and up to ½ a meter wide on the floor being 2 meters long it is foldable on the walls in corners a floor mat can be added to the front of the mat to dry the floor. Also a 4x.5m wall or a 2x.5m wall mat can be added with a 30cm joiner. A great mat that target dries with a boost box and air mover they can really heat up a wall.