Drymatic mat versatility

Levi Brooks – Mackay Carpetcare & Restoration Services

Photo of the month December 2018

December’s photo of the month winner is Levi Brooks for his versatile use of a Drymatic floor mat

 Levi used a 3 x 2 floor mat folded to cover the affected areas of both the floor and wall at the same time.  He combined this with a Drymatic Boost Bar and air mover to provide a very effective setup for this small section of water damage in a residential house.  Utilising the built-in eyelets he was able to hang the mat from the wall to ensure the air targeted the correct area, this could have also been achieved with separate 2 x1 wall and 2 x 1 floor mat and connected with the excellent mat connectors.

Another great example of how simple and effective the Drymatic range is, thanks for sharing Levi.

Congratulations from the Restore Solutions team, Levi!