Drymatic mats in action

Matthew Brunes - Water Damage Network

Job of the month November 2018

Matthew from Water Damage Network is definitely a deserving job of the month winner when he undertook to remedy this water damage at a domestic site where he used both Drymatic heat drying equipment and false wall containment for a successful outcome.

Along with some carpeted rooms being affected there was a large area of timber floors throughout the living areas that were substantially wet - the perfect scenario to roll out the Drymatic heat drying equipment.

Matthew used a Drymatic II to inject hot air into the affected areas and by sealing them off with false walls this enabled the team to more efficiently control the temperature and also limit the loss of heat. And as we all know the Drymatic II is not a one trick machine, sure it heats the air but it also draws air from an intake that can be placed in a dryer section of the house or outside and also expel the wet air to another area/outside to speed up the drying process.

Drymatic Boost Bar and air mover was also used to distribute the hot air through a number of different size Drymatic floor mats. Large mats covered the main areas and small floor mats complimented these to provide excellent coverage of the wet floor.

Throw in a LGR dehumidifier and a few more air movers and Matthew set himself up to get the job done both efficiently and effectively.  Oh and I almost forgot this is all under 80 amps in total which enabled him to complete the work without an electrician. Great work!!

Congratulations from the Restore Solutions team, Matthew!

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