No job is too large for a Drymatic setup!

Brad Gow - Total Restoration Mid North Coast

Job of the month December 2018

Our job of the month for December is from Brad Gow at Total Restoration Mid North Coast with this huge house restoration.

This large house and its 6 car garage were affected so Brad has to role in his arsenal of equipment including dehumidifiers, Drymatic IIair movers with Boost Bars connected to various size mats and a 12 port kit get this place drying.  He put his awesome Trotec T3000 moisture detection starter kit and a newly acquired nail gun with stainless nails to work to keep track of moisture levels in the frame of the house throughout the job and ensure it was dried correctly.

Brad started on the main house by setting up some dehumidifiers to commence the moisture extraction, then sped the process up with the aid of a Drymatic II moving it and its intake and exhaust hoses around to remove the moist air and also make use of the hot dry air in other rooms. Next by adding in some air movers with Drymatic Boost Bars and mats attached he was able to target dry individual sections of the rooms that were the most wet and as we know by removing these saturated sections we also speed up drying in the room by lowering the overall moisture content.

In the kitchen we can see another essential piece of equipment for any restorer the Boost Bar 12 port adaptor and kitchen kit which delivers hot dry air directly into the cavity below and behind the cabinetry, these areas may have been neglected in the past by some restorers but the Drymatic heat drying equipment makes it so easy and effective there is no excuse to not get the entire structure dry.

The setup allowed the job to be completed in just one week after the owner had water running down her stairs and walls, a very happy client indeed.  What makes this even better is this is the first time Brad has used the Drymatic II system after purchasing specifically for this job.  Garry walked him through the setup over the phone and via video calling, remember this is included when you purchase Drymatic equipment from Restore Solutions.

Congratulations from the Restore Solutions team, Brad!

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