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Malcolm Barnes – Magic Carpet Cleaning

Video of the month January 2019

Our video of the month for January is from Malcolm Barnes at Magic Cleaning & Restoration.

Once again we see the benefits of the Drymatic equipment in a house with timber flooring this month.

Malcolm has attacked this job with a Drymatic II, air mover with a boost bar and various mats to cover the affected surface area.  He is also using the Drymatic insulated electrical leads to split the electrical load around the house across different circuits.

Also check out the intake and exhaust piping placement, Malcolm has used a Y piece to split the intake pipe and suck wet air from two separate locations and exhausting the hot air outside via the bathroom window.

By using 1 metre wide mats in various lengths he has covered the entire wet surface area and is drying the timber flooring with Drymatic boost bar technology which heats up the mat changing the surface tension of the floor by breaking the barrier with warm micro jets and this releases the moisture.

Well done Malcolm and the team at Magic Carpet Cleaning and Restoration.

Congratulations from the Restore Solutions team, Malcolm!

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