Target Drying with Drymatic Equipment 

Nathan Harding - Sovereign Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Services

Photo of the month September 2018

The photo of the month in September 2018 goes to Nathan Harding - Sovereign Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Services for his structural drying job using Drymatic Heat Drying Equipment.

This is a Category 3 (Black Water) damaged property where the floor covering and plasterboard have been removed from the affected areas before cleaning and sanitising the remaining structure. 

The affected area was then dried with the assistance of Drymatic Boost technology and Drymatic mats which raise the temperature of the materials. This works by supplying heated air into the mats that in turn create micro jets of energy that break the boundary layer of the affected materials to assist in the release of the moisture and consequently accelerates the drying time.  Great setup with excellent coverage resulting in more complete drying and less downtime for the client.

Congratulations from the Restore Solutions team, Nathan!