What happens when a hair salon floods? Drymatic time - that's what

Hayden Bethel -  Mould Stoppers Australia

Job of the month Sep 2018

Hayden from Mould Stoppers Australia dried a flooded hair salon using the amazing Drymatic equipment.

The Drymatic II heated the room and exhausted the wet air to the outside. The Drymatic Injection System together with the Drymatic Hose kitchen Kit allows you to push warm dry air into the cavities and pull out the wet air to then exhaust it outside the building.

The Boost Bars also have the option of an Injection Kit that enables you to push in warm dry air where it is needed. Increasing the temperature heated the wet floor and resulted in quicker drying.

Various hoses from the Drymatic II and Boost Bars are leading into the cabinets make sure that even the unreachable areas of the room get treated.

Congratulations from the Restore Solutions team, Hayden!



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