Structural Drying Including Subfloor

The Drymatic II we found works great in those tight spots especially drying subfloors!

Completing the requested make safe at this property, Drymatic Boost Boxes & Drymatic Mats were installed for 1 week. While the drying process was underway the Restorers scoped & won the whole drying job! Week 2 a Drymatic II was installed on the ground level of this property along with additional Boost Boxes & Drymatic Mats. Plastic was also layed over the earth under the home allowing another Drymatic II to dry from underneath & above the subfloor. This focused heated energy into the timber beams for optimum drying. Drying these areas within 2 weeks supported by containments.


On week 3 the Drymatic II from the ground floor level was installed to the top floor of this property, along with Drymatic Boost Boxes & Drymatic Mats. The timber floor is now equalising by having been wet mopped & an evaporation cooler installed to close up the slight gaping. The ground is now dry and all readings are showing that.

About the equipment used on this job

The Drymatic II Heat Drying System can be purchased for $4950 now from Restore Solutions


Here are some of the benefits: - Quiet, Intelligent and energy efficient - Heat and Air Exchange is used to optimise drying condition - Operates in neutral or negative pressure - Excels in class 4 drying situations - Is very flexible with a range of attachments - Lightweight at 25kg - Stackable.

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