The Water Damage Network drying a kitchen with our structural drying equipment.

The Water Damage Network – Flood damage experts


Technicians Chris Honeymoon and Rebecca Ferris headed up a water damage restoration job for the Water Damage Network in Brisbane.

Their technicians are all highly-trained in flood restoration services by the Australian Cleaning and Restoration Academy. The team are highly experienced in structural drying and water damage restoration equipment.

Structural Drying out a kitchen carcass

When drying out a kitchen, it is important to dry underneath all the cupboards. This, however, can be quite difficult unless you have the right equipment.

Drying under a kitchen with a Drymatic II is an effortless setup. To do this, they removed the baseboard of the kitchen and then contained the area with plastic sheeting.

The Drymatic II machine was used to push heat into the area while at the same time another hose is used to pull out the wet air running the chamber on neutral pressure.

The Drymatic air was then exhausted into an air scrubber (in case there was contaminates under the kitchen) The air scrubber vented into the big open room with the windows open.

'The Drymatic II is awesome for some small target drying jobs with low noise.' - Chris Honeymoon - Water Damage Network

About the equipment used on this job

The Drymatic II Heat Drying System can be purchased for $4950 now from Restore Solutions


Here are some of the benefits: - Quiet, Intelligent and energy efficient - Heat and Air Exchange is used to optimise drying condition - Operates in neutral or negative pressure - Excels in class 4 drying situations - Is very flexible with a range of attachments - Lightweight at 25kg - Stackable.

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